How to hack Someone’s whatsapp Account

whatsapp Hacked

The extremely popular short message service WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook for US $ 19 billion, can be, according to news extremely simple hack and take over by a third person. WhatsApp users must be careful whom the smartphone will be given into his hand.

The trick to WhatsApp to hack allows anyone nearby who has access only for a short time on the smartphone to another person to take over the WhatsApp account. Here no computer skills are required, and the trick on Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones – even with a locked lock screen.

Chop in seconds WhatsApp accounts

I want at this point no one encourage them to hack WhatsApp accounts. On the contrary, who does that and gets caught, must reckon with possible legal consequences. The procedure is described here so that the procedure is understood and thereby to raise safety awareness. Let your smartphone out of his sight, and give it just out of hand, if the person is familiar.

The trick on How To Hack WhatsApp accounts is not an error or loophole but has conditionally, designed by the way WhatsApp the setup wizard.

Hack into 3 steps WhatsApp account

Anyone can take the WhatsApp account of another person, as long as the mobile phone number is known, and for a short time access (physical) is on the smartphone. The PIN to unlock the smartphone is not required.

Step 1: Create a New WhatsApp account

To start the attack on a WhatsApp account, a new WhatsApp account is created on a second smart phone. For this, the mobile phone number of victim accounts is used.

Step 2: WhatsApp account confirmation

Here there is a safety risk. If a new account with the existing WhatsApp number created, WhatsApp calls to this number to a confirmation PIN provide. This is required in order to verify the account. This call can even be received on a locked lock screen.

Step 3: Enter confirmation

The stolen PIN verification can now be entered on the own smartphone and already the WhatsApp account of another person has been taken.

Personal opinion

The problem lies in the Call of WhatsApp to verify the account. Since each call can be accepted even with a locked lock screen, any smartphone for an unwanted WhatsApp account takeover is vulnerable.

That reminds me is no other smartphone available, I can not confirm for Germany currently. For a smartphone that I have set up 4 weeks prior to the confirmation of PIN WhatsApp but was sent via SMS to the mobile number. As long as the PIN is not readable in the SMS from the locked lock screen from which users are in Germany on the safe side.

So here caution. Give your smartphone fails if you do not trust the person out of his hand. Let your smartphone unattended on the desk if you’re not sure whether someone has not stupid in the head.

At this point, a warning is WhatsApp subscription traps are pronounced. Here an attempt is made ​​to the user foist on WhatsApp similar commercials a subscription. Many users may notice not at the beginning. Before that, the user can protect you if you free a mobile communications provider to set up third-party barrier as protection against subscription traps can.

Additional tips to WhatsApp can also be found on For example, the guide on how to block people in WhatsApp can should send this to be intrusive or unwanted messages. Also there is a guide on how to activate the Google Drive Backup function WhatsApp can. So chat histories can be saved in the future in the cloud.

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Clash Of Clans Update – April 2015

Hi! How are you? I hope well, because today is a new update released in April 2015 Clash of Clans with many new features, many of them minors, but the gameplay and pleasing to view. There are some that have been announced, appearing in a section within the game and others that have not been mentioned, but here’s bring all:

clash of clans update april 2015

New air defense: The “Air Sweeper” or “Air Traffic Control”

It is a new defense which will have the function “blow” to air enemies. What does this mean? that does not harm the troops, only blows (pushes) a certain number of squares (which increases with each upgrade), so that the speed of the troops to reach their objectives will be encouraged if they are within range of this defense

.clash of clans new air defence update

You can have only one air traffic controller (which is unlocked from City Hall 6), has 6 levels (you can see in the villages of the players TOP) and can be rotated in 8 different directions.

Clans favorites or bookmarks:

At last something quite useful. If you have a guild you like, he is a friend, is a quarry, or whatever, now you can save it as a “favorite” by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the window.

All these clans guards as favorites (maximum of 30) will come on a tab when you open the “clan” in the castle, or the “i” button next to your username.

clash of clans bookmarks


You can now change the name, you were wrong ?, put an ugly name because you thought you were not going to play anymore ?, killed your family and you change your name? as far from City Hall 5 you will change your name (1ST TIME ) from the “Settings”

clash of clans renaming

Preview clan warfare attack and better matches

Three things have changed in quite useful clan wars:

  • By giving “attack” you will get a window that shows you your troops, castle, spells and heroes available for you to check all (there is no excuse that you forgot!) Before confirming.
  • Once you go to attack a village can not end the battle without surrender, that is, now when you give to “attack” automatically the attack will have, so you must be sure you have everything ready and good connection internet. It is possible that this update is to remove ghost attacks, but we’ll see if you can still.
  • Pairing in the war of clans was average, but is now better (as supercell), as explained, can be found rival take a little longer, but the match will be fairer.

Display Enhancements

  • Now it is shown in guild chat when a person changes the settings of this, which is quite positive clans where people like to bother changing things and the leader could not know who did it.
  • The ranges of the defenses can be seen even when they are building or improving.
  • The address can be configured defenses even when they are building or improving quite useful when going to end his time building and we want to be in a specific position.
  • Defensive buildings now joining us away from TH, which avoids that take turning; with the exception of air traffic controller pointing where is set.
  • The walls now have shadows that appear pixelated edges, are strangers, hopefully it’s a bug.

 Game Enhancements

  • The attacking troops defending troops not pursue as far as before, where we saw that the king, queen, dragons and other strong attacks were damaged completely with the activation of a trap skeleton, just perfect (for attackers) and sad for those who He loved to see these fails.
  • It fixed a bug that had some defenses (the view is the canyon) where there was shooting at the troops who were on the edge of reach.
  • Booties are enhanced campaign elves and have redesigned some pretty light stuff.
  • Now users have a hashtag (something like a clan, for example # asd323djs), still I do not know what their role is, but when I heard amended rule. That hashtag can see it in your profile.
  • Improved match on normal attacks, not only depends on the trophies where you are, but also in the defenses, walls and all. Sure, here you put between your old town hall and the next (ie, if you’re nine, you go TH8, TH9 and TH10), which is quite useful.

Walls with elixir

Apparently there is a bug with the update which improves the walls (I think from level 7) elixir, as have supercell forum, there will be a pause of maintenance to remove this option.

Update: This option has been removed.

15 Tips for Clash of Clans that will be useful

Clash of Clans is one of the strategy games popular. It supports both users IOS as Android. Typically when you download this fun game we do not understand anything at first and everything we do wrong, that is why I bring several tips that you may find useful.

Tips Clash of Clans

1. Do not spend the gems in accelerating structures within that you’re shopping, you may be used to buy the third and fourth constructor.

Hut builder

2. If you’re shopping for gems, do not spend on the accelerations (unless you’re going to spend more than $ 50.00). Buy a builder or more, you can have up to 5 and their prices are:

Third constructor: 500 gems (equivalent to $ 5.00 or EUR). bed constructor: 1000 gems (equivalent to $ 10.00 or euros). Fifth constructor: 2000 gems (equivalent to $ 20.00 or euros).

3. No best the council until you have all the best, I suggest this order:

Laboratory: it is very important because with it you increase the level of your troops, so they will be stronger.

Campgrounds: while higher the level, you’ll have a greater number of troops.

splatter defenses: towers mortars and wizards are the defenses that attack damaged several units with its splash, for that reason you must improve first.Mortar

normal Defenders: I suggest first archers towers for range, but it is up to each person.

– The rest can do to your taste, I recommend you also go up the walls to the extent permitted you.

4. Do not top a few things to finish at the same time, that is, if you have 2 free builders do not submit it to work in both ending at 2 days, and it may be that if they have passed these days, you will vacate and not have sufficient resources to make them work again, thus, lose time.

5. Find an optimal design for your town (and I do an article about this), at first did not matter much trophies so take the environmental council and put the stores.

6.  When you go to steal resources, stop making your troops in the barracks because although it is full, when you’re looking villages and attacking one will be asking! so when you come back you will have a part of your troops ready.

7. Always observe attacks as done, so you can improve the weaknesses of your village, as the side where you should go or where best to place the traps.

Clan castle

8.  Join the clan! do not be asocial. The idea of this game is also socialize, participate in battles between clans and donated extra troops to help members in your attacks.

9. If you are saving resources and do not have an active shield or his time is short, ask your friends that you donate clan strong troops may be a headache for your attacker.

10. Do not attack to attack, looking the village will provide more resources and suitable to attack, either you go by a very strong you know you’re going to waste the troops.

11. Use the walls and improve them, there is nothing more rewarding than to find a village without protection and many resources to steal. I’m sure you do not want to be a people be given their resources intruders on a silver platter right?

12. Stay in a proper league, do not go to ready to rise to a league where you know you will not find opponents of your level (both low and high). To give you a reference, in hall 7 silver alloy is more than enough, although not much problem in gold.

13. If you are in rise of glasses, takes revenge. Often can give us between 30/50 cups that allow us to rise faster, also the advantage is that you can see your opponent before attacking and to plan the right strategy (which we sometimes play tricks).

GoldmineElixir collector

14.  Some people say that enhance mines and collectors is bad, others say it’s good. In my case I do not like improve, I am at City Hall in July (nearly 8) and have at level 7; anyway I leave versions:

Improve mine in order to have gold and extra elixir to attack, which is valid any more in his last levels (9, 10, 11) as the other levels are a pittance (at 11th level they are also, but it is something extra ).

  • Good point: you have extra money by helping other players to move (the attacking you).
  • Bad point: they attack much when not constantly empty, as they carry a juicy booty.

Not improve mine to save time because it is a pittance.

  • Good point: do not waste time and therefore do not attack unless they have good amount of resources in the warehouses.
  • Bad point: you do not have that “extra” misery and not helping other players (not matter so much?).

15. Complete all achievements that can eventually are many gems that can benefit.

Well, those are all the advice I have for you. I hope you find them useful, if you like you could share it on your social networks there may be a friend or anyone interested in the subject!

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Long live Clash of Clans!